Sunday, February 13, 2011

Leading my life.

Yesterday I was at a retreat for the A-team (a group of students at USU who run the orientation program).  I was in charge of a short presentation on leadership.  I'm currently in a leadership class on campus and I've been involved with a lot of organizations that have helped me learn what a good leader is/does.

There are so many theories and aspects to leadership it is often hard to pick one that best fits you.  As I thought about what I could share to the group a video came to mind that I had seen months ago (see video below).  A few weeks ago in class we were discussing the difference between managing and leading.  We agreed that although managing isn't necessarily a bad thing it often deals more with just maintaining, or "keeping things under control" while leading should have more to do with expanding, growing, initiating, etc...

The small epiphany I had at that moment was, how can I try and lead others when I am only managing myself.  So often I feel like i'm just maintaining, or attempting to maintain where I am instead of growing and improving.  It's often very easy to get bogged down by our responsibilities to others and forget the responsibility we have to ourselves.  I believe that occurs because our responsibilities to others are usually spelled out very plainly.  We get job descriptions for our employment, mission statements for service organizations in which we volunteer, and manuals for our religious involvement.  Although we may not always live up to these expectations we know what they are.

Personally my religious beliefs are my manual for life but as I mentioned above, we still struggle sometimes even though we have all of the information in front of us.

Since yesterday I have really felt that need to stop maintaining and begin leading my life.  It sounds so easy on paper but it will definitely take a lot of hard work to implement.

(This video that I shared may be slightly extreme in its' attempt to express nonconformity but I love the overall message.  Also, the quote below has become one of my favorites.)

"When the sun sets, and the city idly drinks itself  into numbness,
in the sea will I wash."

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Brett C Zollinger said...

Amen! I think it fits in great with the principle that if we aren't progressing then we are digressing. Also, I hope you lead yourself to California. jsyk.