Monday, April 20, 2009

What I Do

To the three followers that I have, I am back. I know, I know, it's been quite some time since i've blogged. I won't try and justify my absence mostly because I can't really think of a good reason except that I haven't made the time. To catch ya'll up on my life I was appointed as the Arts and Lectures Director at USU for next year. I'm really excited about that. The other night I almost burned the gnome home to the ground. Hence the picture of the fireplace.

I threw in a large piece of cardboard and the flames came spilling out as they began to reach for the mantle. It was crazy, Brett kept laughing hysterically, Riana was jumping around the kitchen looking for who knows what. I just stood there with the poker thing waving it back and forth through the flames that were spreading out of control. We had to evacuate because of the smoke, it was ridiculous.
Finals start next week and I've got a lot of papers/presentations due this week. I'm sick of thinking about it so I'm not even gonna go there. Needless to say I am SO excited for this summer. I'm moving into a house with some friends close to campus. It should be good times. I think I'll make a list of things I plan on doing.

-Frisbee Golf/Ultimate Frisbee
-Mt. Biking
-Hiking/Trail Running
-Take Pictures
-Rock Climbing
-Road Trips
-Music listening/playing
-Sell Insurance
-Slack Line
-Havasupai (fingers crossed)
-Kickin it with my peeps
-Making shirts and other various crafts with the gnomes
-Family Reunions
-Random Acts of Service

I'm sure i'm forgetting a lot but that just gives you a taste of my plans for summer. Never Back Down Summer 09!


Kylee said...

glad to see you are back jo! and i can't believe you almost burnt down the gnome home. Not sure if we can be friends anymore...

but anyways your summer plans sounds mucho good and i hope you do them all, ecspecially havasupi (even though it wont be the same with out the car ride down with me, hay and ¿brad?)

Riana Grace said...

I am so excited for all of those things, except the things I suck at. Hooray for summer!! 09' LIVE!

Julianne said...

Jo. Why are Riana, Nat, and McKay ALL on your sidebar, but I'm not? I'm so disappointed in you right now. Sigh.

P.S. Our house still smells like smoke.

AND does our singing mean nothing to you? I would at least have thought it meant enough to make the sidebar!

Nat said...

gnomes are so crafty. I will be looking forward to that. you should include us in some of the cooler things listed too. please?

Hayley said...

welcome back. we missed you.
do you want to play tennis alot with me please? remember when we went last year, it was fun.

never back down

Brett said...

shi dude, I'm still laughing about the fire fiasco. This summer is gonna be off the hook man, we just need to make sure we get that racist couch back out...good times.

Nat said...

hey jo remember all those way good ideas we gave you the other night to blog about? remember?

McKayJoice said...

Over a year ago, it just makes me sad, you have such potential for blogging, and this blog just sits as a giant tease of what it could be.

It is so sad.