Friday, December 12, 2008


Last night I dropped by the home of the gnomes. Riana was performing a beautiful piece on her accordian as she stood next to the christmas tree. There was much joking and laughter as we enjoyed good friends, good music, and a sometimes out of control fire. A few topics of the night were: Where do carrot seeds come from? Have you seen this youtube video? Rum. Thought provoking art. Willy was also a hot topic even though he was right there and could hear every word we were saying. I feel like right here I need to insert a good quote or poem about friendship or the importance of gratitude but I don't have one in mind and I really don't have time to google one either so sufficeth to say, much joy is had when you're spending time with people you care about.


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Lance and Lindsay said...

Joe, Hey this is Lindsay (Mendenhall) Campbell. I got excited when I saw your blog on the MC blog, it looks like you are doing good. My sister Kylee says she has a class with you! Thats cool, send me an email and I will invite you to our blog! Hope all is well!

Shaeli said...

Oh Jo, just love ya.

Thought provoking