Monday, December 27, 2010

Mental Nutrition

So if you've ever read my blog you know that I usually post things about perspective. Well.. this one isn't any different.  A week or two ago I saw a video that a friend of mine had posted on her Facebook that really made me reflect.  I'm always amazed at our capacity for caring and the experiences that cause us to change for the better.  

Today I gave a lesson in Sunday school about the second coming.  I decided to focus on the importance of knowing the reality of our Savior and His mission.  If we really want to return to God we have to know and become like Him.  I realized that two of the things most important to our salvation are trials and service.  While Christ lived on the earth He was faced with many trials and His whole life was service to others.  We are no different.  We are here to be tested and our focus should be service to others.  

Someone today posed the question; Have you ever regretted a decision to serve?  We often neglect or delay opportunities to serve but I honestly can't think of a time that I was upset that I chose to give service.  

Service is the anecdote to selfishness.

I only hope to begin to develop this level of charity. 


megan said...

That's incredible. Of anyone I know though, it would be you that would do something like that. You can do it Jo! :)

McKayJoice said...

Shoot, this is so close to my heart right now. . I'm sitting here in an Internet Cafe crying, I loved this.

Man you would love Cambodia, there are so many people in need here.

So glad you are blogging! I am LOVING IT.

Sydnie said...

Premium blog. Fantastic video.

Brett C Zollinger said...

absolutely amazing. I am glad we are best friends.