Monday, October 18, 2010

So many things

The last couple of weeks have been very eventful. Two weeks ago I spent a nice Sunday afternoon/evening with Juje, Matt, Nat, and Hayley as we drove down to Highland to celebrate the third annual Canadian Thanksgiving with McKay and her family. Highlights included Juje naming off every single thing on her plate and explaining why she loved it. Willy Serenading us. Ravoe being quiet because she didn't want us to think she's crazy. Hayley backing up on the freeway. Mostly just spending time with people you care about.
This last weekend I went on a roadtrip with Eric, Nate, and Rhodes to visit Brett in Gilroy CA. Garlic capitol of the world! The drive was ridiculously long. The only things that kept us sane were singing to Rage Against the Machine, holding our breath through the tunnels, watching contained fires that we thought were real, and harassing Eric's girlfriend over the phone. We had a lot of fun with Brett as our guide. There was much laughter and rejoicing all weekend, it was sad to leave Brett behind as we made the trek back to Logan.

On a random side note that's going to tie everything together, today I talked to a girl that I've been interested in for awhile and was told that she sees me as a "good friend". Those are always the exact words you want to hear from a girl you like.
After I talked to her I started thinking a lot about the things upon which we base our happiness. (it always sounds too proper to say it like that but that's how you're supposed to say it) Anyway, I was thinking about how quickly my mood changes based on outside influences. Not that I think it's good to fake happiness all the time but I realized that if I place all my hopes on things like how a first date goes or if my team wins or loses then I will always be manic, going from extreme highs to lows and back again.
In Spanish there are two ways to say "to be" one is a permanent state of being and the other is temporary. I believe that people who are "permanently" happy have learned to place their hopes and trust in more permanent things like God, family, and real friends. I also think that they are able to look at themselves and continually strive to become more, whatever that more is they find ways to constantly grow and improve.
It's just not worth giving up your happiness to indulge in short lived pity parties. Now I know i'll still be bummed when a first date goes bad or the Aggies lose another football game but that sadness doesn't need to make me an unhappy person. It's really all about perspective. If I'm not gonna remember or care about a certain event a year or even a month later then why stress about it now? Life is wonderful! There are so many GOOD things to enjoy in this world! I would love to play the guitar/piano more, write music, read for fun, travel, meet people, find new music, learn new skills, go hiking, play with my niece and nephews, listen to stories from my Grandparents, paint, watch documentaries, volunteer, start writing in my journal again, work out, learn to cook, etc..
It's easy to say there isn't time for things like that, I totally understand that feeling but maybe we just don't prioritize well. If something is important enough to you then you'll find time to do it. Seriously.
Well. i've got to finish this post so I can go read. for fun.


McKayJoice said...

Love this.

Julianne said...

I guess you really ARE back. Miss reclining in that back seat with you, Jo.

Nat said...

"I believe that people who are "permanently" happy have learned to place their hopes and trust in more permanent things...." Genius. Love it. and am loving that you're back. and am loving juje's comment.

Anonymous said...

Jo! Double love this. Keep blogging. Your posts are incredible.

Brett C Zollinger said...